What we do

We provide free consultation and in-depth niche evaluation to every query we receive from our potential customers. This is essential part before starting to work on a long-term e-commerce project. E-commerce project development and management is an ongoing process, not a one-time event, so we prefer to work with people who share this view.

We become expert in all aspects of your business and technology. We spend time learning about your company, your company’s goals and objectives, your management team, your products, your customers and, above all, your core value proposition. We become a part of your team.

Then we start cranking the code. We develop your company’s web shop (front-end and back-end), blog, perform search engine optimization, integrate international payment and logistics systems, custom modules, web analytics and social media tools and channels to enable direct conversations with your customers.

More importantly, we then keep you working on what you do best – running your company, leaving all web shop related jobs and support with us.

Whenever relevant, we use our connections to get you introduced to professional PR and marketing specialists. This is crucial part of success and professional approach to get your company’s message, technologies and market strategy in front of the optimum mix of editors, reporters, bloggers, analysts, pundits, and other key influencers.

And, as a result, the geographical location of your brick-n-mortar business matters no more. You will begin selling your products online, with a little help of PR and Internet marketing people will start talking about your company, your services, your viewpoints, and your products. Suddenly your sales and biz-dev people are less involved in cold-calling. The phone rings, your website gets hits. You get the idea.

This is what we call cost-effective partnership for developing and running E-commerce project. We don’t think you need a flashy office, e-jargon, bunch of “project managers” and marketing platitudes to deliver great results.

Results? Check out Web Solutions client testimonials here and on the Web Solutions Facebook page.