How we do it

We specialize in small-to-midsize companies and emerging companies. Some of our clients previously hired ‘big-name’ companies. We’ve heard our clients tell us that their previous agencies had espresso machines, expensive software licenses, sleek conference rooms and legions of assistants, project managers and worker bees. It occurred to them that someone paid for all that.

We become an extension of your management team. We are continually available to support your online business presence and marketing objectives with responsive and strategic web development and Internet marketing expertise.

Our commitment to you is to deliver full state-of-the-art web shop system and support for your online business that looks great and provides a great return on investment.

We research ways to reach your audience online. We’re expert in working with online media: blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and others. We support White Hat SEO techniques.

We are open source software supporters.

Why use open source software?

Open Source Software developers are evidently motivated by many factors but favoring features over quality is not noticeable amongst them. For many developers, peer review and acclaim is important, so it’s likely that they will prefer to build software that is admired by their peers. Highly prized factors are clean design, reliability and maintainability, with adherence to standards and shared community values preeminent.

“The Open Source community attracts very bright, very motivated developers, who although frequently unpaid, are often very disciplined. In addition, these developers are not part of corporate cultures where the best route to large salaries is to move into management, hence some Open Source developers are amongst the most experienced in the industry. In addition all users of Open Source products have access to the source code and debugging tools, and hence often suggest both bug fixes and enhancements as actual changes to the source code. Consequently the quality of software produced by the Open Source community sometimes exceeds that produced by purely commercial organisations.” (QINETIQ2001).

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