Liudas Motekaitis aka Louis Motek, owner and managing director, LessLoss Audio:

“I have been in business contract with Tomas Paplauskas, CEO of Web Solutions, for four+ years now, and am very satisfied. He runs his company with great passion. All of his employees are highly skilled and have a polished work ethic. Even late hours and occasional extremely urgent and unexpected issues do not cause him to fault, complain, or to compromise. His knowledge of the Internet world is second to none, and he continues to closely follow the latest trends and changes. The teams he joins together with co-workers or any other outside specialists he needs to carry out programming, legal, or other necessary tasks, both domestic and international, are always highly dynamic, extremely friendly, and effective. If anybody is seriously considering a venture with internet related commerce, one cannot go wrong working with Tomas Paplauskas and partners. They are reliable, trustworthy, and take every arising issue seriously. It is like working with the ideal agent. Everything which makes business run smoothly is his constant agenda. And every businessman knows that “running smoothly” does not really exist in the business world, as unexpected issues are a real-world constant. Tomas Paplauskas smooths out the edges in the business arena, making it possible for LessLoss Audio to focus on growing the business and relating with customers without losing valuable time with either secretarial or legal issues. He has never once let me down, and several times has gone over and beyond what would normally be expected from our partnership. His intelligence and drive are invaluable assets, and the fruits of our collaboration are readily visible in our quick growth, decorated by the President of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaite, with a national business award, presented to him in person in November 2009. This first, no doubt, of many to come.”